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Artist Statement

There are many ways to articulate pattern, and my interest in them stems from the innate humane need to find them in almost everything that we look at. When we look at pictures of Mars or the Moon many times we will see a face, as if to identify something familiar in the strange and unfamiliar. I like to use this natural need when creating my work, often taking subjects or landscapes and turning them into surreal images, this gives the viewer a chance to make there own personal interpretation.

My work is an exploration of textures and pattern where I concentrate on organic shape and color, and typically create both abstracted atmospheric pieces as well as figurative pieces. When creating abstract work, I look to the environment for inspiration and to textiles for composition. I’m American with Iraqi Jewish heritage, therefore drawn to aspects of Middle Eastern design, particularly the Persian rugs that I grew up with, and the creative ways they utilize organic shapes. When creating figurative work my pieces reflect my experience as a woman and how the female body is idealized, particularly the standards that apply to women in our creation stories, since this affects the language we use to talk about them in the modern world. My figures are often absorbed to become part of the pattern, yet sometimes she is left with little context and the viewer is compelled to fill in the blanks with the norms that they understand or with their own experiences.

The process for creating my work involves several steps. The first and perhaps most time consuming part is taking the source pictures on location. In these original photographs, texture, light and color feature most prominently. I also work with models, either on a solid white background that can be edited out, or on location, depending on the effect I am trying to achieve. Once I have all the source material for a series, which can take several weeks or months, I begin to put them all together using digital collage techniques that focus on the natural colors and patterns that appear in the original photographs, as well as the way these features blend together in the layering process. I then take the most interesting or dynamic fragments, often moving these sections from Photoshop to Illustrator, in order to play with the orientation and repetition until I reach the final image.

I have degrees in Exhibition Design and Studio Art from the Fashion Institute of Technology and Hunter College respectively. Professionally, I have worked as a designer at the New York Historical Society on the exhibitions “Lincoln in New York,” “Beer Here” and “Stories in Sterling,” in the United Nation’s galleries and tour route, and as a visual installer for Henri Bendel, Bloomingdale’s and Diesel.

I’m a member of the Con Artist Collective in New York. I’ve participated in several shows and collaborative projects including; Photography Takes Over at Upstream Gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson, Snap to Grid at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the Greenpoint Gallery Salon Show in Brooklyn, the Small Works Exhibitat Limner Gallery in Hudson, the Autumnal Show at the Soho Arthouse in New York, Protea Gallery in San Diego, and with the Processional Arts community workshops in both New York and Queans. I’ve show my work international at the artist residency "III Milenio Residencia Internacional Mirador del Jucar" held in the Instituto Rural del Arte, in Alcala del Jucar, Spain, culminating in the final show “Babel” at the Castillo del Alcala del Jucar, and recently I got the opportunity to show my work at World Art Dubai were I was awarded a mention in the publication “The Best of 2016 International Emerging Artist Award”